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New Adopt-an-Animal Opportunities

The Aquarium is excited to launch the new Adopt-an-Animal program. They make great gifts, but are also a great opportunity for teachers and students to stay connected to the Aquarium. Adoptions start at just $10 for a baby shark, baby seahorse, or baby clownfish and include a certificate, 3x5 photo, animal fact sheet, and 2 stickers. While all sponsored animals remain in the care of the Aquarium and no ownership rights are conferred, adopting an animal allows guests to become more involved with the Aquarium by supporting the needs of the animal collection.

Adoptions are available for other Aquarium favorite including sea otters, seals, sea Lions, puffins, sharks, seals, sea turtles, and rays for adoptions of $25 and up. Click here for a complete list of adoption levels and benefits.

For more information about Adopt-an-Animal including a complete list of visit our Aquarium Adopt website page.