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Japanese longline catch data

Better information empowers us to make better decisions.

Here you’ll find primary fisheries reports from the National Marine Fisheries Service and other fisheries management authorities, as well as relevant papers from scientific journals. You’ll also find popular articles on current scientific topics and material that can be used by educators in high school science classes. Contact us if you would like to showcase your own research, or share your science education material.

Comparison of seafood advisory programs
Culinary substitutions for over-exploited species
Seasonality - Southern California Seafood
California Fisheries and Fishing Communities - Sea Grant

Seafood and Human Health
Seafood Nutrition Chart - Seafood Health Facts
Seafood Nutrition Partnership
Omega-3 in fish: How eating fish helps your heart - Mayo Clinic
What You Should Know About Methylmercury in Fish - The Gelfond Fund for Mercury Research and Outreach

Santa Barbara Oil Spill and Seafood
Here are some fact sheets with information on the science and process behind oil spill response at state and federal levels:
California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)
NOAA Office of Response and Restoration
Natural Oil Seeps in Southern California
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Spill Prevention and Response:
Fact Sheet
Refugio Response Joint Information Center
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)*
*Information provided specifically for 2010 Gulf of Mexico Spill, but provides general informational background for FDA response to similar situations.

Consumer Resources
Local Seafood Sources
The Dory Fleet - Newport Beach
Ventura Harbor Fisherman’s Market
West Caught Fish Company – Newport Beach
Salty Girl Seafood
Tuna Harbor
Santa Barbara Fisherman’s Market
Community Seafood - Santa Barbara
Channel Islands Certified Farmers’ and Fishermens’ Market - Oxnard

Chef Resources
Buy from Local Fishermen (CA)
The Dory Fleet - Newport Beach
West Caught Fish Company – Newport Beach
Sea Stephanie Fish
Tuna Harbor

Buy from US Fishermen
Sea to Table

Fish Receiver’s License Information
List of Fees
Fish and Game Code Section 8030-8039
Commercial Fish Business License Information Guide
Commercial Fish Business License Worksheet