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Team Profile

Kim Thompson

Program Manager, Seafood for the Future

Kim Thompson is the program manager of Seafood for the Future at the Aquarium of the Pacific. She works closely with various stakeholders in the seafood industry to promote healthy and responsible seafood choices. Thompson has built strong relationships within the local fishing community as well as with aquaculture producers and has made the promotion of local seafood and responsible aquaculture priorities for the program.

Working at the Aquarium, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in messaging on the need to support a balanced seafood supply that consists of well-managed U.S. fisheries, responsible marine offshore aquaculture, and responsibly sourced imports. She has both participated in and led multiple stakeholder workshops on the topic of responsible aquaculture and has co-written scripts for educational programs on the topic, including the Science on a Sphere program, Aquaculture: Farming Seafood for People and the Planet in partnership with NOAA Fisheries.

She has worked with restaurants and distributors throughout the Southern California Bight to help them source their seafood responsibly and promote their efforts. Leveraging her experience, she has also taught responsible seafood sourcing to the upcoming generation of chefs.

Thompson is also a co-principal on the San Gabriel River green sea turtle citizen science monitoring, working in partnership with NOAA Fisheries and the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority.