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Pacific Visions: Pacific Visions App

Pacific Visions EcoAlliance App

After your visit to Pacific Visions, put your new knowledge into practice through an app for Apple and Android devices created by developer Artifact Technologies. Available in app stores in early summer.

The Pacific Visions EcoAlliance app includes a series of games, challenges, and activities to learn more about conserving resources and making sustainable decisions in your daily life. Players can also collaborate on virtual projects in the app to visualize a sustainable future.

PV EcoAlliance App iPhone XS Max Screen

Create a profile, complete challenges to earn badges, and collaborate on augmented reality projects to earn points. Share your achievements and badges on your social media accounts to help encourage others to make conservation-minded changes.

Pacific Visions EcoAlliance App

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EcoAlliance FAQ

Have questions about the app? View our frequently asked questions.

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EcoAlliance Feedback

Tell us what you think should be added to the app-from general topics to specific activities that you think would help your fellow EcoAllies in building a better future.