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Whale Sightings Going Strong This Winter

Whale Sightings Going Strong This Winter
An orca calf breaches near one of the whale watch boats.  | Kera Mathes

Whale Watch

February 2, 2012

In partnership with Harbor Breeze Cruises, the Aquarium of the Pacific offers daily whale watching cruises that launch from the dock right in front of the Aquarium. Gray whale sightings continue throughout the winter as these animals migrate south along the U.S. West Coast to the lagoons of Baja, Mexico. This past month also brought special rare sightings of orcas. A transient group of thirty to forty orcas was spotted by whale watch boats off the coast of Long Beach and Orange County beach cities. These cetacean visitors delighted whale watchers with their acrobatics, unique behaviors, and the antics of the young calves traveling with this group. Word of these sightings has excited Aquarium staff members so much that many of them recently have signed up for our whale watch trips themselves. Aquarium Boat Program Manager Kera Mathes’ recently blogged about the orcas and posted a video capturing this rare sighting. To read her post, click here.

Although it’s unlikely that whale watchers will continue to see orcas as days go by this winter, sightings of gray whales and fin whales are still going strong, and many boats regularly spot several of the three resident species of dolphins in the Southern California region, as well as sea lions and birds. To keep tabs on recent sightings, visit the Aquarium’s whale watch Twitter feed.

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