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Urban Ocean Festival Connects the Arts, Science, and Nature

Urban Ocean Festival Connects the Arts, Science, and Nature

Urban Ocean

May 8, 2012

The Aquarium’s third annual Urban Ocean Festival was held on May 5 and 6 in celebration of Southern California’s unique and vibrant coast. Visitors had the opportunity to taste samples of sustainable seafood, help paint urban ocean-themed murals, and enjoy the winning entries in the Urban Ocean Art, Poetry, and Trashin’ Fashion contests.

The festival weekend also kicked off the Aquarium’s summer series of urban ocean cruises. On the Urban Ocean: World Port and Sealife Cruise, passengers get to see parts of the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex not usually seen by the public and learn about the ways industry interacts with nature and wildlife in this segment of the ocean. Additional cruises are scheduled throughout the summer.

The festival featured an exhibit of the winning entries in the Urban Ocean Art Contest

Second place winners:

  • Jenny Cao, “Foster” (mixed media/sculpture/3D category)
  • Cameron McIntyre, “Wet Bag” (photography/digital category)
  • Esther Shaw, “Long Beach Waterfront” (painting/drawing category)

First place winners:

  • Anna Erneholm, “Aqua” (mixed media/sculpture/3D category)
  • Dominique Ovalle, “Tasman” (painting/drawing category)
  • John Trevino, “Jenn” (photography/digital category)

The Grand Prize winner was John Trevino. His winning photo, “Jenn,” was taken off the coast of Palos Verdes. Trevino suited up in SCUBA gear and took his camera into a kelp forest to shoot underwater images of his models dressed in their street clothes. He used only natural light and the aid of an assistant, who shuttled the models to and from the beach by paddleboard.

The winner in the Trashin’ Fashion Contest was Angelina Johnson, who created a gown from the pages of fashion magazines.

Listed below are the winners in the Urban Ocean Poetry Contest:

High School level:

  • Third place: Macey Rafter, “Our Ocean”
  • Second place: Maury Long, “Similarities in Differences”
  • First place: Reuben Chavez, “A Vast Change”

Young Adult level:

  • Third place: Jacqueline Pham, “Medusa Sonata”
  • Second place: Terex Davis, “The Ocean”
  • First place: Kelley Gillaspy, “Ocean Dreams”

Adults level:

  • Third place: Alex Lowe, “Born from the Storm”
  • Second place: Taylor Parker, “Jupiter Overhead”
  • First place: Scott Russell, “Past Point Fermin and the Palos Ever Less Verde”

Seniors level:

  • Third place: Richard Leach, “Salt Air and the Seal”
  • Second place: Larry Colker, “The Mammals Who Returned to the Sea”
  • First place: Rick Stepp-Bolling, “Seasons”

The Aquarium is also seeking input from the public about priorities for the future of the ocean. This input will be used in an upcoming Aquatic Forum bringing together ocean experts and other shareholders. Share your ideas by posting on the Aquarium’s Facebook and Twitter pages. For more information and instructions for contributing input, click here.