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This Spring at the Aquarium

This Spring at the Aquarium
The Aquarium's Magellanic Penguins will be preparing their nests this spring.  | Robin Riggs

Plan Your Visit

March 11, 2014

As you plan your visit to the Aquarium this spring, learn more about the Magellanic Penguin nesting season, as well as some of the festivals and other special events the Aquarium hosts each year.

The Aquarium’s colony of about a dozen Magellanic Penguins will be tending to their nests and preparing to lay eggs throughout this spring and into summer. Nest boxes are installed behind holes in the rock walls of the exhibit so the birds can easily access both their nests and the beach and pool area throughout the breeding season. Cameras are being installed in the boxes so guests can see the nesting activities of the penguins when they are in their burrows.

In addition, many young animals are on exhibit the Northern Pacific gallery, including baby spot prawns, grunt sculpin, tubesnout fish. These animals have been hatched and raised behind-the-scenes at the Aquarium before being placed on display. Read more about the Northern Pacific nursery here.

Also this spring, the Aquarium will be hosting several festivals and special events that are included with admission. International Children’s Day showcases the talents of children of all cultures, with live performances, crafts, games, and face painting. The Aquarium’s Earth Day Celebration features environmental organizations, demonstrations, and learning opportunities to help the environment. The Urban Ocean Festival will feature food, live music, art, a fashion show, and more celebrating the connections between people and the local coast and ocean. For a full list of upcoming events, visit our Events page.