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Seafood for the Future Website Provides New Resources

Seafood for the Future Website Provides New Resources

Seafood for the Future

July 30, 2013

Seafood for the Future (SFF) is revamping its partner restaurant webpages. New information has been added to inform users about which seafood dishes feature responsible choices, as well as additional information on the fish and its origins.

The new partner pages are designed to promote transparency and consumer awareness about where and how seafood was caught. Highlights include a “California local” icon, allowing consumers to easily find locally sourced, responsible seafood; species information and the area and method of catch and production; and a link to detailed information SFF used to determine that the menu items use responsible seafood choices.

The evaluations of partner restaurants are conducted quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the level of partnership, and copies of the most current invoices for each item are required to ensure transparency and compliance. SFF will continue to work with each partner to continuously improve upon their sourcing strategies. Some examples include changing the area of sourcing for a species that is inherently resilient to fishing pressure from a country of origin with minimal management to one with well-managed fisheries; integrating more local, seasonal “chalkboard specials” into the menu; and sourcing aquaculture products from certified and well-managed farms and producers.

SFF partners with the new webpages include Bluewater Grill, Captain Kidd’s, Gladstone’s Long Beach, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, Market Broiler, Seasalt Fish Grill, and SlapFish. Visit their new partner pages and at seafoodforthefuture.org.