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Priming the Pump Forum

Priming the Pump Forum

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October 27, 2008
Southern California Water Managers Search for Solutions to Looming Water Crisis

In September the Aquarium brought together water managers and others in Southern California to discuss how we will address losses to our water supply due to pumping restrictions to protect threatened species. Court-ordered pumping restrictions to reduce losses of Delta smelt, Chinook salmon, and longfin smelt to entrainment by pumps in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta could cost Southern California up to 30% of its water supply from the Delta on a continuing basis.

The goal of the forum was to inform Southern California water managers and other stakeholders of the uncertainty of the Delta water supply because of pumping restrictions, the likely time scale of this uncertainty, discuss the options for reducing the impacts, and communicating the urgency for assessing and evaluating these options. It was a successful event, and the Aquarium has already been asked to host another forum on this important topic. A full report will be available on the Aquarium’s website by the end of 2008.