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Photography Exhibit Features Art-Science Collaboration

Photography Exhibit Features Art-Science Collaboration


July 19, 2013

Scientist and ocean explorer Dr. Edith Widder and photographer and inventor Dr. Steve Bernstein have collaborated to produce an exhibition of photographs featuring digitally enhanced images of marine life. The photographs, captured by Widder from locations around the world and altered by Bernstein, depict sea creatures like sea jellies and squid, accentuating their colors and shapes. The exhibit pieces are printed on aluminum via giclee dye sublimation. They will be on display at the Aquarium from August 1 to 31, 2013.

Widder will present a lecture at the Aquarium on August 27 titled The Kraken Revealed: The Story Behind Finding the Giant Squid. Widder is a deep-sea explorer, oceanographer, marine biologist, and co-founder of the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA). She was the first to capture video recordings of bioluminescent animals and the first to film the giant squid in its natural habitat.

She has spoken at TED and has been featured in BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic television productions. Most recently her use of bioluminescence to lure in the giant squid was featured in the Discovery Channel documentary Monster Squid: The Giant is Real.

Bernstein’s work has ranged from investigating marine bioluminescence in deep-sea submersibles to developing and working with robotics and imaging techniques in medical research