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Pacific Visions Update: Front Plaza Bricks

Construction fence surrounding the Pacific Visions site - popup
The fence surrounding the Pacific Visions construction site includes posted information about the project and portholes allowing visitors to see into the site.

Pacific Visions

June 22, 2017

Commemorative bricks originally installed in the Aquarium’s front plaza as the building was constructed in 1997 and 1998 are being safely stored during construction of the new Pacific Visions wing. This will allow space for construction of the new wing’s foundation and will protect the bricks from damage. The bricks were purchased by Aquarium members and donors to commemorate loved ones, celebrate the new Aquarium and its staff, and promote ocean conservation. The bricks will be reinstalled in 2019 as construction ends and once an appropriate location is selected.

The Pacific Visions wing, designed by San Francisco-based architecture and design firm EHDD, will help Aquarium visitors better understand the challenges our ocean faces and the opportunities it holds and imagine what the future of our planet could look like. This expansion will include a state-of-the-art interactive theater, a larger changing exhibit gallery with live animals, and an art gallery. When the Pacific Visions expansion is complete, the Aquarium will have the capacity to serve 2 million visitors annually. Pacific Visions construction is taking place on the Aquarium’s existing front lawn and will not impede the current guest experience. To learn more about Pacific Visions visit

For more information contact Sara Beck at or (562) 951-5386.​​