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Ocean Exploration Programs and Exhibits Now Open

Ocean Exploration Programs and Exhibits Now Open


April 22, 2013

The Aquarium of the Pacific is highlighting Ocean Exploration programs this summer and debuting a new Wonders of the Deep gallery. Visitors can learn about what possibilities for discovery that lie beneath the vast, unexplored ocean.

The Ocean Science Center, Great Hall, and Ocean Theater are showcasing films that feature deep-sea animals, recently discovered animals, and the history of ocean exploration. At the Ocean Exploration Hub, guests have the chance to see live video feeds from exploration vessels at sea. Aquarium visitors can interact with ocean scientists and explorers live periodically throughout the day.

The Wonders of the Deep gallery immerses visitors in the darkness of the deep ocean, punctuated by the brilliant and unusual beauty of the marine life found beyond the reach of sunlight. Images of submersibles and sea creatures projected on the walls, along with sounds, lighting, and interactive computer displays, give visitors a sense of the undersea world.

The exhibit includes a recreation of a hydrothermal vent, where life forms thrive in the intense heat and dynamic environment of this undersea ecosystem. Visitors will also see a life-sized model of a whale fall—the island of life that survives for decades on the decaying carcass of a dead whale once it sinks to the seafloor. Hagfish, deep-sea crabs, urchins, brittle stars, and other scavengers are exhibited with a model of 9-foot-long pygmy sperm whale.

Additional exploration programs include a guest speaker series featuring world-renowned ocean explorers and Explorers Day on July 21.