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Multimedia Dance Performance Will Illustrate Ocean Impacts

Multimedia Dance Performance Will Illustrate Ocean Impacts
Ocean Group dancers are Maria Basile, Paige Guthormson, Lilly Nguyen.

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March 15, 2013

SpectorDance presents Ocean at the Aquarium

The Aquarium of the Pacific in collaboration with SpectorDance presents a live multidisciplinary performance about the impacts of human activity on one of Earth’s most valuable resources—the ocean. This performance, held at the Aquarium on Sunday, April 7, at 7:30 p.m., blends original music, words from interviews with renowned ocean experts, high-definition underwater video, and thought-provoking interpretive dance.

Choreographer Fran Spector Atkins, Media Artist William Roden, and SpectorDance Company have created Ocean to inform audiences in an entertaining way and to inspire responsible stewardship of this precious resource. Ocean joins artists, scientists, and educators to look at critical issues facing the World Ocean, its inhabitants, and the human race.

From ocean chemistry to the extinction of species, from the food web to storm patterns, this production communicates the message that human activity is impacting our ocean and that it is humanity’s responsibility to protect it by spreading knowledge and engaging in sustainable practices.

Ocean features original music by Colin Farish and interviews with Sylvia Earle, Peter Brewer, and James Barry. Ocean will be performed in the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Great Hall where guests will sit in front of a towering aquarium and under a life-size model of a blue whale. Tickets are available on the Aquarium’s website or by calling (562) 590-3100.