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Miller the Sea Lion Retires

Miller the Sea Lion Retires


August 30, 2010

Miller is the third oldest sea lion in any zoological institution.

Due to his very advanced age, Miller, our 29 year-old sea lion, has been moved to our behind-the-scenes area for our marine mammals. As an elderly animal, he is experiencing vision difficulties and has arthritic hips, which are being monitored and treated by our veterinary staff to ensure he is healthy and comfortable.

Summer, as with all sea lions, is their rut or breeding season. It is natural for Parker, our dominant male seal lion, to joust with Miller for territorial dominance during this time. Because of Miller’s vision and mobility issues, our husbandry staff felt it was in the best interest of his health and safety to move him to his own area behind-the-scenes during this time. When rut is over, staff will examine the possibility of moving Miller back to the Seal and Sea Lion Habitat. Currently, Miller, who is peacefully enjoying his new home, can be visited on the daily behind the scenes tours .