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Harbor Seal Pup Makes Public Debut

Harbor Seal Pup Makes Public Debut


August 13, 2013

The first male harbor seal pup born at the Aquarium of the Pacific will be going on exhibit on August 14, joining the other seals and sea lions in the Aquarium’s Seal and Sea Lion Habitat. The public can see the pup on exhibit starting at 9:00 a.m. that morning.

The Aquarium is also announcing the name of its male pup and the winner of the naming contest. People who participated in the Aquarium’s Adopt an Animal fundraising program this summer had the chance to suggest names, and Aquarium biologists narrowed it down to one name. Eight-year-old Lola Castorina from Los Angeles participated in the Adopt an Animal program and named the new seal pup Toby.

Last year the Aquarium’s harbor seals Shelby and Troy gave birth to their first pup, a female named Bixby. They excited the staff once again this year with the birth of Toby on May 1, 2013. Three-month-old Toby has been growing behind the scenes and has put on over thirty pounds since he was born. He now weighs about 70 pounds.

Toby’s mother Shelby came to the Aquarium in 1998. His father Troy came to the Aquarium in 2007 and was the Aquarium’s only male harbor seal until the birth of his son. Female harbor seals typically give birth to young starting at four to five years of age. Shelby is seventeen years old, and Toby is her second pup.