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Aquariums Join Forces to Educate the Public on Designating New Marine Protected Areas

Aquariums Join Forces to Educate the Public on Designating New Marine Protected Areas


September 8, 2008

Birch Aquarium features Lecture Series

The Aquarium of the Pacific has joined with the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, and the Ocean Institute to develop and implement activities to help Southern Californians understand the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and provide them with information about how they can participate in the important process of designating local Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along our local coastline. Activities will include special events, programs, and informational displays at each of the aquariums.

The following lecture series takes place at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla. Videos of the lectures will be available online two to three weeks after each event.

Monday, September 8
The Science of Marine Protected Areas and Their Implementation in California
Edward Parnell, Ph.D.
The global catch of wild fish has recently plateaued and many of the world’s fisheries are presently fished at or over capacity. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are places in the ocean that are afforded some level of protection from fishing and/or pollution. Ed Parnell, a marine ecologist at Scripps, will speak about the science of MPAs and preliminary results from large MPAs around the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara, as well as his own work in waters off San Diego.

Monday, October 13
The Role of Natural History and Natural History Collections in Marine Conservation
Phillip Hastings, Ph.D.
Natural history collections are the basis of our knowledge of biodiversity patterns. Together with studies of the life history of individual species, they play a critical role in identification of habitats and regions of special concern to conservation biology. Join Phil Hastings, curator of the Marine Vertebrate Collection at Scripps, as he describes his research on fishes of the Gulf of California and Southern California. Learn how this type of research is essential for guiding conservation efforts aimed at protecting marine fisheries and ecosystems.

Monday, November 10
Marine Protected Areas: Coming Soon to a Coast Near You
Russel Moll, Ph.D.
The development of networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is a complex mixture of science and politics that engages numerous stakeholders. While all of us recognize the importance and benefit of creating MPAs, it is often a challenge to come to an agreement on where to place them. Join Russell Moll, director of California Sea Grant, as he explains the intricate processes at the state, national, and international level for the creation of networks of MPAs and the steps taken to see if these networks are achieving the desired outcomes.

WHEN: 6:30 p.m.
RSVP: (858) 534-5771
COST: Mention the Aquarium of the Pacific and receive the student price of $5
WHERE: Birch Aquarium at Scripps, 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla, CA
INFO: Visit http://www.aquarium.ucsd.edu/

Presentations air on UCSD-TV. Visit http://ucsd.tv/oceanscience for more information.