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Aquarium of the Pacific Welcomes New Seal and Sea Lions

Aquarium of the Pacific Welcomes New Seal and Sea Lions


June 14, 2007

The Aquarium of the Pacific is pleased to welcome four new animals to the Aquarium: a rescued California sea lion as well as two other California sea lions and a harbor seal from another aquarium.

First to arrive to the Aquarium was the rescued animal. The two-year-old male was stranded and deemed non-releasable to the wild because he is almost completely blind and would starve in the ocean not being able to hunt for food. Because of this, the government was looking to find a home for this sea lion. The Aquarium of the Pacific volunteered to provide him with a home and was selected.

Following his arrival, the Aquarium of the Pacific welcomed two one-year-old California sea lions and a three-year-old harbor seal that were born at another aquarium. The additional food and care for these new animals was funded by a generous gift from Aquarium members Peri Marek and Peg Urvoas.

As customary with new animals, the sea lions and seal will go through a standard quarantine period before being introduced into the main Seal & Sea Lion Habitat. During this period, the animals will learn basic behaviors that will allow the Aquarium’s mammal biologists to provide health care for the animals, including checking the animals’ flippers, mouth, ears, and eyes. The Aquarium expects for the new animals to begin going on public exhibit in late summer/early fall 2007.

In the mean time, Aquarium guests have a chance to get a glimpse of the new animals by embarking on the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. The 60-minute tour is available daily for purchase and also includes stops to the Aquarium’s dive, food prep, and shark nursery areas.

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