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Aquarium Live Debuts at Miller Children’s Hospital

Aquarium Live Debuts at Miller Children’s Hospital
Patients at Miller Children's Hospital watch an educational program via Aquarium Live.


April 17, 2013

The Aquarium of the Pacific and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach are partnering to bring the wonders of ocean learning to hospitalized children and their families. Through the new Aquarium Live education program, patients can take a live look at animal exhibits as they learn and interact with Aquarium staff in real time. Educators will deliver bi-weekly, thirty-minute programs on different ocean topics live from the Aquarium’s state-of-the-art Roddenberry Foundation Education Videoconferencing Studio. Viewers can call in live to participate in the program, asking questions and playing games with Aquarium educators.

“We are thrilled that we can take our long-standing partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific to the next level with this project,” said Rita Goshert, manager, child life department, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach. “This interactive, educational program is a great way for our kids to learn in a hospital environment—either at a playroom or their own patient room—and for most of them, to experience the aquarium for the very first time.”

This partnership was developed between the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Child Life Program at Miller Children’s to help make the hospital experience more positive for children of all ages. “It is exciting to bring the Aquarium directly to kids during their hospital stays. I always look forward to receiving their live calls during the show and teaching them about the amazing animals that inhabit the ocean,” said Alicia Archer, Aquarium of the Pacific education, technology, and media coordinator.

Funding for this program was provided by the Miller Foundation. “The Molina family and Molina Healthcare, Inc. had the vision to connect the Aquarium and its Molina Animal Care Center to patients at children’s hospitals. Thanks to the Miller Foundation and the Molina family that vision is now a reality through Aquarium Live,” said David Bader, Aquarium of the Pacific director of education.