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Aquarium Launches New Animal Care Wish List

Aquarium Launches New Animal Care Wish List
In April, your wish list donations supported the Aquarium's sea otters. Check out this month's list to fund items for penguins.


March 27, 2013

A new program allows the public to directly support the care of the Aquarium’s animal collection. The new Animal Care Wish List features opportunities to donate and help the Aquarium’s animals by purchasing specific items needed, such as food, toys, training tools, and medical supplies. Each month, a different animal will be selected with new wish list items to purchase.

In March wish list donors purchased toys, thermometers, exercise and mental stimulus tools, next boxes, treats, climbing branches, and heaters for the Aquarium’s lorikeets. Through April 30, items will be offered to support sea otters.

Donors to the Wish List will receive exclusive animal updates, personal stories from the animal care staff, photos, and more. Visit the Wish List page to learn more and sign up to receive e-mails notifying you of the coming month’s featured animal and items.