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Aquatic Academy Explores Issues In Depth
Two penguin chicks hatched at the Aquarium this month. Pictured is the chick born to Kate and Avery.  | Robin Riggs
Seventh grader Alyson Lucas won first place in the national contest with her drawing, "Ocean in Motion."  | Alyson Lucas
The recipe for this mackerel dish served at the Aquarium's Urban Ocean Festival in May is available on the SFF website.
Aquarist Stacy Hammond and Kylie
Juvenile rainbow trout.  | NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center Salmon Ecology Team
Laura and Robert Sams as "Shark Dentists."  | Sisbro Studios, LLC

Aquatic Academy

June 30, 2014

The Aquarium of the Pacific regularly hosts Aquatic Academy sessions in the spring and fall of each year, providing an opportunity for members of the community to learn more about ocean and environmental issues. The next course will be announced in coming weeks.

In a series of three or four evening classes, attendees hear presentations and panel discussions from scientists and other experts, getting in-depth information about pressing environmental topics and the most current data and interpretation from the speakers.

The Aquarium fosters dialogue on complex issues related to the ocean and environment through its Aquatic Academy. These courses bring together experts in science, business, conservation, policy, and academics to share their knowledge and experiences with attendees.

For details on previous course topics, click here.

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