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Aquarium Announces Glass Guild

Pacific Visions Glass Mockup - popup
The Glass Guild is a new initiative at the Aquarium which ceremonially “sells” panels of glass on the Pacific Visions building.

Pacific Visions

August 2, 2018

As construction on the new Pacific Visions wing progresses, the Aquarium has created a new giving opportunity for individuals, corporations, and foundations wishing to contribute to the project and commemorate their ties to the Aquarium by joining the Glass Guild. This group of supporters will symbolically own one of the 839 panels of the Pacific Visions glass façade and will be recognized on a donor wall inside the new wing, on the Aquarium’s website, and in various Aquarium publications, including the annual report.

Installation of the glass panels began in July and will be completed in fall. Panels cover more than 17,000 square feet of area outdoors (and more than 18,000 square feet when including the balcony extension at the Great Hall). The panels are made up of three layers of laminated glass. The innermost layer incorporates a subtle reflective finish, the middle layer is tinted blue, and the outer layer is made of low-iron, acid-etched glass, which eliminates direct reflection of the trees and sky to make it bird-friendly.

For pricing and details, visit the Glass Guild page, call (562) 951-5386, or send an email to