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What's New

All Permanent Aquarium Exhibits Open During Construction

Pacific Visions construction wall - popup

What's New

July 26, 2017

Construction on the Aquarium’s expansion, Pacific Visions, began in spring. While the layout of some facilities has been adjusted, the visitor experience is unaffected by the construction.

The construction site has been enclosed by a fence for safety, but visitors can see the site through portholes located in multiple locations in the fence. The fence is also gradually being covered by signage showing renderings of Pacific Visions and artwork including ocean-themed murals that will be hung on the fence over the course of the summer and fall.

Also in new locations are the Aquarium’s ticket windows, which have been moved to a trailer outside the front doors, and the Member Entrance, which has shifted to just adjacent to the regular public entrance. The Information Desk has moved to accommodate the construction barrier and is now located just steps inside the front entrance along the side of the Great Hall. No changes have been made to the parking structure, and parking is not impacted by the construction site.

Aquarium visitors have full access to all of the exhibits including those that opened in May, FROGS: Dazzling and Disappearing in the Tropical Pacific Gallery, the new archerfish exhibit on Harbor Terrace, and Our Water Future located outdoors past Shark Lagoon.

All of the Aquarium’s permanent exhibits are open, but the changing exhibit gallery is closed.