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Lecture Archive: Jared Farmer

Green Screen: How Trees Made California Modern

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Guest Speakers | Conservation | Lecture Archive 2014

Posted: December 18, 2014

Green Screen: How Trees Made California Modern

Lecture date: October 20, 2014. Jared Farmer discusses the landscape revolution in California initiated by tree planters.

In California’s first hundred years as a state, horticulturists planted innumerable trees in formerly shadeless locales. They imported a profusion of ornamental and commercial species and varietals to create money-making orchards and tree-lined boulevards. Farmer discusses how tree planters staged a landscape revolution, and, in doing so, they helped make California modern. Today we are the inheritors of this horticultural legacy in all its beauty, fragility, and hazard.

Farmer, a history professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, is the author of Trees in Paradise: A California History.

Video Posted: December 18, 2014 | Running time: 01:14:46

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