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Aquatic Academy 2015: Ocean Exploration - Session 4

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Aquatic Academy | Ocean Exploration 2020 | Lecture Archive 2015 | Oceanography

Posted: April 9, 2015

The Spring 2015 Aquatic Academy focused on ocean exploration. This series of evening courses for adults allowed participants to meet modern-day ocean explorers, learn what potential the ocean holds, from undiscovered life forms to natural resources, and which technologies might play a role in helping us better understand our World Ocean and life on our planet.

In this fourth and final session of the Spring 2015 Aquatic Academy, David Lang, co-founder of Open ROV discussed the role of citizen science and open-source technology in ocean exploration. Attendees also screened a short film produced by the Aquarium.

Video Posted: April 9, 2015 | Running time: 01:03:04

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