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Mountains, Rivers, Ocean  buttonLink

The Water Cycle, Watersheds, and Us

A watershed is where rainwater and snowmelt collects and flows to the ocean. As the water flows down streams and rivers, it carries along part of what it touches, from sand and rocks to trash and pollution. A new Aquarium exhibit shows how a local watershed works.

Audio Posted: November 12, 2008 | Running time: 3:52

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Forests for Fish  buttonLink

Mangrove forests are essential for thriving fisheries

Mangrove forests are a feature of tropical coastlines. In addition to protecting shorelines from erosion and waves, they support a thriving population of fish and invertebrates. The loss of mangrove forests to deforestation and development bodes poorly for shoreline protection and fisheries.

Audio Posted: October 28, 2008 | Running time: 3:16

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September Student Scholar: Zacharie Arellano

10th Anniversary Scholars | Conservation

September Student Scholar: Zacharie Arellano  buttonLink

Aquarium of the Pacific honors its Second 10th Anniversary Scholar

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Aquarium is honoring Long Beach students who have shown outstanding efforts in the areas of science, environment, ocean science/marine biology, promoting cultural diversity, and exceptional community service. Arellano is an eleven-year old outstanding student who is a NAACP Youth Scholar that has been recognized for exemplary work in community service.

Audio Posted: October 13, 2008 | Running time: 2:16

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The World’s Aquarium  buttonLink

Biodiversity and the Gulf of California

The Gulf of California is home to a diverse assemblage of wildlife. This diversity is a reflection of the Gulf's distinctive geography. Impacts to wildlife from a variety of sources threaten many of the rare and endangered species that make the Gulf their home.

Audio Posted: September 15, 2008 | Running time: 5:56

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Natalie Webster

Guest Speakers | Business | Conservation

Natalie Webster  buttonLink

Troll and Pole Tuna Fishing

Natalie Webster is the granddaughter, daughter, and wife of tuna fishermen so tuna fishing and the ups and downs of the tuna industry have long been part of her life. Five years ago she helped found the American Albacore Fishing Association, a small fishery made up of 21 family-owned boats in San Diego, California. She talks to us about her views of the state of the tuna industry today and how the instability and potential bleak future for the industry can be helped.

Audio Posted: July 1, 2008 | Running time: 9:56

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Gerhardt and Pepin: Catch a Wave

Guest Speakers | Art | Conservation

Gerhardt and Pepin: Catch a Wave  buttonLink

Women Surfing: Two Women at the Top of the Wave

Sara Gerhardt and Elizabeth Pepin not only know how to surf waves, they also know how to make them. Each in her own way has pushed the envelope for women in the male-dominated world of surfing. Gerhardt, who has a PhD in physical chemistry, has been a surfer for over 20 years. She was the first woman to surf Mavericks with its 20 foot tall waves. Pepin has been capturing the women's surf scene with her camera since 1997. Her skills at photographing the surfing scene have earned her four Emmy Awards.

Audio Posted: June 16, 2008 | Running time: 11:19

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Palazzolo: Conservation

Guest Speakers | Conservation

Palazzolo: Conservation  buttonLink

Endangered Orangutans of Borneo

Carl Palazzolo, DVM, likes large animals as evidenced by his experiences caring for a 300 pound Siberian tiger. He has traveled the world to work on the conservation of endangered species such as black rhinos in Zimbabwe, Africa and the critically endangered orangutans of Borneo. De Palazzolo shares his experiences with the orangutans and the adventures he has had working to save other endangered species.

Audio Posted: June 16, 2008 | Running time: 5:42

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Robert Gottlieb

Guest Speakers | Conservation

Robert Gottlieb  buttonLink

Discussion on the evolution of Los Angeles

Robert Gottlieb is a Henry R. Luce Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Director of the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He is a writer, educator, and activist who has been described as a "pioneer in redefining environmentalism, turning ideas into action, and forging coalitions in the often murky atmosphere of Los Angeles". The author of "Reinventing Los Angeles", he believes that LA can become a more livable and sustainable city.

Audio Posted: April 21, 2008 | Running time: 10:56

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