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MCRI Research Archive:
MCRI Research Archive

Below are the research projects (in PDF form where available) that the Aquarium of the Pacific has been involved in since the inception of MCRI.

The primary research efforts at the Aquarium of the Pacific are focused on species propagation. We have also developed collaborative relationships with various outside researchers and institutions who wish to study the species in our collection. In addition, our team of scientific divers support a variety of agencies and researchers in the field by collecting data.

MCRI Research Archive

Dr. Lance Adams, Duane Stanton, Aquarium of the Pacific | National Marine Fisheries Service

October 19, 2011

Sea Turtle Tagging

As of October 2006, the Aquarium of the Pacific, with the cooperation of the National Marine Fisheries Service and others, has released three green sea turtles with satellite tracking tags into the waters of the Gulf of California and off Southern California. Data was received from one of the released animals for over ninety days and allowed thousands of Aquarium visitors to track its movements and learn more about the habits and behavior of sea turtles.

Nancy Caruso- Marine Biologist/ Project Director Dirk Burcham- Biologist/ Research Associate

June 3, 2009

Orange County Giant Kelp Restoration Project

Data Summary for the Stakeholders of the Marine Life Protection Act

The purpose of this report is to provide a brief overview, for the MLPA process, of select species groups that have been monitored for the last seven years in Orange County as part of the Orange County Giant Kelp Restoration Project.

Alberto Lindner, Duke University

August 15, 2008

A Study of the Taxonomy of Hydrocorals of the Genus Stylaster (2002)

Samples of a local variety of cold water coral (Stylaster californicus) provided by the Aquarium of the Pacific have revealed, through the use of DNA analysis, that what was previously thought to be one species, is in fact, seven distinct species.

Chris Martin, CSULB

November 7, 2006

Species Composition and Abundances of Nearshore Reef Fish

On the Long Beach and Huntington Beach Offshore Petroleum Platforms (2006)

As the majority of the twenty-seven petroleum platforms off of California are slated to end productivity within the next ten years, the issue of decommissioning is becoming of greater public interest. Previous surveys in the Santa Barbara Channel have shown that petroleum platforms act as rearing habitat for many over-fished rockfish species, however no thorough systematic surveys of the platforms located off Long Beach and Huntington Beach have been conducted.

Aquarium of the Pacific AAUS Volunteer Diving Program, Nancy Caruso and Dirk Burcham, California Coast Keeper Alliance

November 7, 2006

California Coast Keeper Alliance (2006 - present)

Trained AAUS volunteer scientific divers from the Aquarium of the Pacific are assisting the California Coast Keeper Alliance with a two-year monitoring project at Crystal Cove State Park.

Aquarium of the Pacific AAUS Diving Program, Dr. Doug Hammond and Steven Colbert, USC/University of Washington

November 7, 2006

USC Sediment Circulation Study (2006)

Trained AAUS volunteer scientific divers from the Aquarium of the Pacific assisted researchers from USC and the University of Washington studying seawater circulation through nearshore sediments by obtaining core sediment and water samples from the substrate from three sites off of the coast of Huntington Beach.

Steve Blair, Aquarium of the Pacific

November 7, 2006

Humbolt Squid Husbandry Research (2006 - 2007)

Assistant Curator of Fishes Steve Blair traveled to the Gulf of California in September 2006, where he made observations on the behavior of these little understood animals and conducted experiments aimed at determining their ability to tolerate capture, anesthesia and transport.

Marianne Porter, UC Irvine

November 7, 2006

Flexibility and Morphology of Spines in Swimming Sharks (2006 - present)

The Aquarium of the Pacific is currently supporting a study by UC Irvine researcher, Marianne Porter that examines vertebral flexibility of swimming sharks and its effect on their maneuverability. The ability to maneuver quickly and effectively has behavioral implications ranging from mating to prey capture and predator avoidance.

Aquarium of the Pacific AAUS Volunteer Diving Program, National Park Service, Coastal Marine Archaeology Resources

November 7, 2005

Maritime Archaeology/National Parks (2005)

In November 2005, the Aquarium Dive Safety Officer participated in the annual NPS/CMAR shipwreck survey in California’s Northern Channel Islands.

Aquarium of the Pacific AAUS Volunteer Diving Program, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO), Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS), Channel Islands National Park (CINP), California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG)

November 7, 2005

Channel Islands Monitoring (2005)

The overall goal of this community-based research program is to train volunteer non-scientists to conduct research and collect data relating toquestions of marine conservation and management inside the recently established Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of the CINMS. Data was collected during a one week research expedition to the Channel Islands, where the divers practiced data collection following specific sampling protocols. Information obtained was used to supplement existing monitoring projects already underway by researchers at UCSB, PISCO, CDFG, the CINMS, and the Channel Islands National Park Service’s Kelp Forest Monitoring Program (KFM), among others.

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