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Dr. Robert S. Grove

Robert S. Grove is accomplished in designing and implementing scientific projects dealing with coastal oceanography, kelp habitat restoration, artificial reefs, nearshore processes, wetland habitat restoration, and marine environmental impact assessment. He is experienced in implementing the ecological-related permitting and licensing of coastal facilities and projects and was recently responsible for managing the scientific and engineering input as well as the environmental impact analysis for a $40 million marine mitigation project, a 150-acre kelp artificial reef. Additionally, Mr. Grove is responsible for marine environmental monitoring and coastal impact special studies as they relate to the operations of large shoreline industrial facilities that utilize ocean water.

Experienced in presenting technical papers at local, national, and international meetings and symposia, Mr. Grove has been an invited ocean ecology projects speaker in Tokyo; Taipei; San Remo, Italy; and Curitiba, Brazil. Mr. Grove also contributes to scientific advisory boards related to coastal and ocean sciences, and the Southern California Academy of Sciences; and coaches youth basketball at a local YMCA.

Mr. Grove has been an Ocean Science Instructor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena since 2001. From 1973 to 2013 he was Senior Scientist, Research Scientist and Oceanographer for Southern California Edison and has served as an independent consultant on Oceanography, Artificial Reefs, Habitat Enhancement, Nearshore Marine Monitoring, and Coastal Processes since 1999.

Mr. Grove completed a graduate-level program in marine ecology at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and attended the University of Michigan where he earned a B.S. from the College of Engineering, Department of Meteorology and Oceanography. Additionally, Mr. Grove completed an Engineering Management Program certification course at California Institute of Technology and has completed short courses in Ocean Engineering and Coastal Hydrodynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dilution and Effluent Mixing at Georgia Institute of Technology and Coastal Sedimentation at California State University, Los Angeles.

Last updated November 3 2016