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Dr. Nancy L.C. Steele

Dr. Nancy L.C. Steele is the executive director of the Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, a non-profit dedicated to working cooperatively to solve problems in the dual watershed of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers. The Watershed Council is a coalition of community groups, government agencies, business, and academia. Its mission is to facilitate an inclusive consensus process to preserve, restore, and enhance the economic, social, and ecological health of the Los Angeles River and San Gabriel River watershed through education, research, and planning.

Prior to joining the Watershed Council Dr. Steele was manager of Retrofit Implementation at the California Air Resources Board (ARB). She was responsible for developing and implementing regulations to reduce exhaust emissions from in-use heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses in California. Also while at ARB, Nancy wrote the mobile source section of the Board’s “Risk Reduction Plan to Reduce Particulate Matter Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines and Vehicles,” delivered a report to the state Legislature on the potential health and environmental impacts of leaf blowers, and served as the deputy ombudsman for Southern California.

In her environmental career, Dr. Steele has enforced California’s hazardous waste control laws, monitored environmental lead contamination from lead-acid battery recycling plants, and written regulations to reduce the threat of childhood lead poisoning. Her dissertation examined recycling and waste management of electric vehicle batteries. In 1999 she founded the Altadena Foothills Conservancy, a non-profit land trust. The conservancy is dedicated to protecting the natural areas in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the environs of Altadena, along with historic trails and structures. In addition to protecting natural areas, the conservancy has a watershed education program and is building a “watershed-wise” pocket park on the Pasadena/Altadena border. Nancy has been president of the Board of Directors of the conservancy since its founding.

In addition, Nancy and her husband manage about 150 beehives for pollination and honey and beeswax production. Their bees pollinate almond, orange, and avocado trees, along with chaparral wildflowers and other flowering plants in the foothills.

Recent publications that Dr. Steele has edited:

Steele, Nancy L. C., Ed. 2007a. Sustainable Cities: What will it take to reach the prize? WatershedWise, Vol. 10(4). Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, Los Angeles.

Steele, Nancy L. C., Ed. 2007b. Beyond Concrete Channels: What’s next? WatershedWise, Vol 10(3). Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, Los Angeles.

Steele, Nancy L. C., Ed. 2006a. Valuing Multi-Benefit Projects. WatershedWise, Vol 10(2). Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, Los Angeles.

Steele, Nancy L. C., Ed. 2006b. Stormwater Best Management Practices: A primer. WatershedWise, Vol 9(1-2). Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, Los Angeles.

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