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Offshore Aquaculture in the Southern California Bight

The Sea Grant Workshop on Offshore Aquaculture in the Southern California Bight was convened in April 2015 to develop the frames of reference and rationale for creation of an offshore finfish aquaculture industry in southern California.

The workshop was attended by 44 people that represented a cross-section of scientists, regulators, and industry practitioners with proven expertise in the field of aquaculture and environmental science. All state and federal agencies with regulatory responsibilities for permitting aquaculture were invited to participate and each agency was generally well represented. Workshop participants were asked to share and prioritize concerns regarding the complex, high-stakes environmental and resource issues often associated with coastal development activities. While permitting remains an uncertain, uncoordinated, unstable, and inconsistent process for offshore farms in California, all workshop participants were requested to work together to formulate specific recommendations to improve the process for reviewing permits and obtaining approvals for aquaculture development projects.

Last updated August 3 2015