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Veterinary Medical

Veterinary Medical

Aquarium Education Program

Dr. Andrew Lawrence, University of Hull, England

November 7, 2003

Endocrinology of Sand Tiger Shark (Carcharias taurus) Reproduction (2003)  buttonLink

The Aquarium contributed blood samples that were used in this study of fluctuations in hormone levels as a function of the reproductive cycle of sand tiger sharks.

Aquarium Education Program

Dr. Lance Adams, Aquarium of the Pacific and Dr. Branson Richard, University of Georgia

November 7, 2001

Study of Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) in Lorikeets (2001)  buttonLink

In 2001 the Aquarium of the Pacific provided nine lorikeets that had tested positive for the presence of psittacine beak and feather disease to Dr. Branson Richard at the University of Georgia Animal Disease Laboratory.

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