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Pacific Visions Glass Mockup links to Aquarium Announces Glass Guild

The Aquarium has created a new giving opportunity for individuals, corporations, and foundations wishing to contribute to Pacific Visions and commemorate their ties to the Aquarium.

Woman in lab coat looks at samples in a microscope with fresh produce in the background. links to Explore Our Global Food Future in Aquarium Course

A new evening course at the Aquarium this fall will explore what food production and agriculture might look like by the year 2050, when an additional 2 to 2.5 billion people will live on Earth. The course will also look at how climate change is impacting global agriculture.

Sato-umi in the Anthropocene Cover Image links to Forum Report: Sato-Umi in the Anthropocene

MCRI Forums | Our Future Ocean

Forum Report: Sato-Umi in the Anthropocene

On November 13-14, 2017, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Honda Marine Science Foundation convened and facilitated a forum on “Sato-umi in the Anthropocene.” The forum was designed to explore a number of approaches to “integrated” coastal management, in particular those that cross the land-sea boundary, some of which have been practiced for thousands of years, to see if lessons could be extracted to elevate awareness and stimulate action to reduce vulnerability in the “new normal” of rising sea level.