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In the second half of 2016, the Aquarium’s Pacific Visions Campaign secured major gifts and reached a total of $42 million toward the $53 million goal. In addition, actress Cameron Diaz has contributed a testimonial in support of the Aquarium’s efforts.

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Aquatic Forum | Conservation | MCRI | Ocean Forum

Aquarium Forum Examines Psychology of Climate Change buttonLink

On November 2 the Aquarium hosted a day-long forum bringing together climate scientists and psychologists to develop strategies to motivate people to act on climate change.

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On September 2, 2015, California’s 47th District Representative, Congressman Alan Lowenthal, in collaboration with the Aquarium of the Pacific, hosted a public forum on the impacts and actions related to climate change. This forum is intended to bring together a unique, multi-disciplinary group of local stakeholders, environmental professionals, scientists, and community leaders to share how they are working on climate change issues in Southern California, statewide, and at the national level. The report is a brief summary of the information presented during this forum.

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Sea Grant & Aquarium of the Pacific

Offshore Aquaculture in the Southern California Bight buttonLink

The Sea Grant Workshop on Offshore Aquaculture in the Southern California Bight was convened in April 2015 to develop the frames of reference and rationale for creation of an offshore finfish aquaculture industry in southern California.

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Over the course of 2015 the Aquarium hosted and participated in a number of meetings and workshops with academic and government scientists, business and government leaders, local stakeholders, and Long Beach residents to discuss key issues facing our community as the result of climate change. This report represents the culmination of these efforts.