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Consignment and Prepayment Ticket Programs

Discount tickets make a wonderful addition to your human resource benefit programs and company store offerings.

Tickets may be sold to your employees or members at a substantial discount. Corporate benefits:

  • Save your employees time and money.
  • Aquarium admission tickets at a discounted price.
  • Express entry—no waiting in line!
  • Flexibility. Tickets are valid for one calendar year, or one year from the date of printing (varies between consignment and prepayment).
  • We’ll provide you with promotional materials throughout the year and attend your health and benefit fairs to promote Aquarium events, depending on staff availability.

Consignment Ticket Program

To offer the consignment ticket program, we require a minimum of 300 employees or members. Please download the following PDF forms to apply.

Additionally prepayment requires a minimum purchase of twenty-five tickets (any combination of adult and child). To order tickets and be authorized for credit card purchases please download the following forms.

For additional questions, please contact Group Sales at (562) 951-1660.