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Field Trip Face Campaign

Fund a Field Trip Face!

Field trips provide important educational experiences for students. For many, these would not be possible without the Scholarship Program.

With your help, students from eligible schools can receive a free field trip and discover their own “field trip face.”

Support the Scholarship Program today!

What’s a “field trip face?” It can be a look of surprise, excitement, or awe. It is the expression on a student’s face when she touches a shark, dissects a squid, or sees a sea lion swim by.

Our “Field Trip Face” campaign is supporting and celebrating the “wows” and “ahhs” and “ewws” that students’ express during their visit. These are the signs of fun, excitement, and ultimately learning and making lasting memories.

From August 20, the first day of school for Los Angeles Unified School District, to August 28, the first day of school for Long Beach Unified School District, we invite you to give the gift of wonder, respect, and stewardship by supporting our Scholarship Program. For just $7, you can fund a field trip for one student, giving them a unique educational experience here at the Aquarium. For $210, you can provide funding for a whole classroom to visit and learn about the ocean and its fuzzy, furry, and finned inhabitants!

The campaign is launching with a matching grant of $5,000 from the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation and $5,000 from the Schulzman-Neri Foundation and ending with a $1,000 matching grant from the Mike and Diane Jensen Family. Thanks to these matching gifts, your donation has an even bigger impact!


To hear about the impact you can make through the perspective of a local 3rd grade teacher, click here.

You can make a difference by providing the opportunity for some of the 48,000 students currently on our waiting list to touch a shark, see a sea otter, or learn something new. Your gift today supports the teachers and students for whom these field trips would not be possible.

Thank you!

Teachers: To apply for funding, complete the scholarship application form.

Learn more about Aquarium field trip programs and educator resources here.