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Animal Husbandry Fund

Did you know…

  • 140,000 pounds of frozen fish are used every year for feeding our animals
  • 10 pounds of shrimp, clam, and squid are used every day to feed just one of our sea otters
  • 50 husbandry staff members are needed to care for all the animals in our collection
  • More than 475 medical exams are conducted each year

The Aquarium of the Pacific strives every day to provide the best environment for each of our aquatic friends and with over 11,000 animals providing the best care possible comes with a high price tag. The community has also expressed interest in being able to have a more direct way in which to partner with us in the care and feeding of our animals. In response, we have created the Animal Husbandry Fund. The Animal Husbandry Fund will support all the activities vital to the optimal health of our marine residents such as: clams, mussels, and shrimp to feed the sea otters, interactive toys for the Giant Pacific Octopus to keep her mind stimulated and engaged, and medical supplies for the annual exams conducted on all the lorikeets.

To receive more information or make a donation to the Animal Husbandry Fund please call (562) 951-1605.