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We Depend on the Generosity of Our Members and Donors

The Aquarium of the Pacific has been “instilling a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystems” since 1998. Through a variety of inspirational public lectures, engaging K-12 educational programs, and over 500 species of very special animal ambassadors, the Aquarium has become a true community resource for all those looking for the most up-to-date information on our shared environment, engaging and interactive animal experiences and opportunities for scientific learning that transcend the traditional classroom.

Did you know that your Aquarium:

  • Is the 4th most attended Aquarium in the country with more than 1.4 million annual visitors
  • Serves one of the most ethnically diverse audiences in the country
  • Cares for over 11,000 animal ambassadors, often performing more than 500 medical exams and procedures annually
  • Decreased water consumption by 32% and maintained consistent energy consumption over the last 8 years, all while attendance increased by 35%
  • Serves over 220,000 students, teachers and community members each year with more than 100 educational program offerings
  • Presents 21 cultural festivals annually
  • Hosts a nationally recognized public lecture series featuring leading scientists, authors and business leaders
  • Benefits from the generosity of over 1,300 volunteers

Did you also know that the Aquarium of the Pacific is a non-profit institution? Ticket sales and gift shop revenues only cover 75% of our annual operating costs. The contributions we receive from our donor community truly do make a tremendous difference in ensuring we are able to continue to provide the quality, mission-driven experiences our guests have come to expect from the Aquarium. From purchasing interactive toys for our sea otters to creating new state standards-based classroom experiences for our neighborhood school children, every dollar received has impact. And, every dollar counts. Please take a moment to explore the many ways, both large and small, that you can help your Aquarium found on the links to the left. This Aquarium was formed through a partnership with our community, and we hope to continue this powerful partnership with you for many years to come.

Thank you for your support!

“Union Pacific is proud to support the Aquarium of the Pacific and its numerous education programs, conservation messages, and opportunities for unique animal interactions at this impressive facility.”