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Get closer to our animals than ever before

Summer of Wonder

Experience the Summer of Wonder at the Aquarium.

Get closer to our animals than ever before, enjoy new interactive experiences, and discover more of the animal care that goes on behind the scenes. See new exhibits featuring Southern California steelhead, Guam Kingfishers, horseshoe crabs, and corals and sponges.Touch bonnethead sharks, a relative of hammerheads, and cownose rays, relatives of manta rays, in Shark Lagoon; touch horseshoe crabs, related to spiders, in the Molina Animal Care Center; and take part in a daily workshop in our Marine Life Theater on building and testing your own ROV (remotely operate vehicle).

New exhibits at the Molina Animal Care Center focus on the important role animals play in human healthcare. An exhibit of corals and sponges showcase their potential for medicinal cures to cancer and other ailments.

Travel along a mountain stream at the Southern California Steelhead Story exhibit and will explore the history, biology, and the surprising survival of this unique species in our local rivers here in Southern California.

And come to face to face with one of the planet’s most endangered species at our new Guam Kingfisher exhibit. A breeding pair of these highly endangered birds at the Aquarium is part of a critical breeding program that hopes to ensure the long-term survival of the species, which is extinct in the wild.

Summer of Wonder

Southern California Steelhead Story

Southern California Steelhead Story buttonLink

Southern California Steelhead Story is a new outdoor exhibit adjacent to Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific.

Horseshoe Crab Touch Exhibit

Horseshoe Crab Touch Exhibit buttonLink

Horseshoe crabs have existed on Earth for over 20 million years

Coral and Sponge Exhibit

Coral and Sponge Exhibit buttonLink

A new exhibit highlights the promise of medicinal cures from corals and sponges.

Bonnethead Shark and Cownose Ray Touch Pool

Bonnethead Shark and Cownose Ray Touch Pool buttonLink

The large touch pool in Shark Lagoon is now home to juvenile bonnethead sharks and cownose rays.

Guam Kingfisher

Guam Kingfisher buttonLink

The Aquarium’s breeding pair of Guam Kingfishers is now on exhibit.

Make an ROV

Make an ROV buttonLink

Kids have the chance to build and drive a remote control sub.


Films buttonLink

New Summer of Wonder shows play daily in the Great Hall and Ocean Theater.


Animals buttonLink

Learn more about the animals featured in Summer of Wonder exhibits.