June Keyes Penguin Habitat


“The Playful One”


Heidi is one of two chicks born at the Aquarium in the summer of 2013.

While the other penguins typically vocalize mostly during feeding times, Heidi likes to vocalize for attention, too. She is very social and likes to pester the adult penguins when they aren’t paying attention. Recently she nibbled at Henry’s tail until he turned around and she took off. She will eat all the foods the other penguins do (herring, capelin, and squid), but her favorite food is herring taken right out of her trainer’s hands. After she hatched at the Aquarium in June, Heidi was raised in the nest by her parents Floyd and Roxy. Her trainers call her a sweetheart.

Hometown Long Beach, CA
ID Tag white/black/blue
Nametagwhite and black