June Keyes Penguin Habitat


“The Rookie”

No Name

Before he was named, the male chick that hatched at the Aquarium in June 2013 was known as Chick B.

Molina Healthcare, Inc. CFO John Molina, his wife Michelle, and family bid on and won the opportunity to name the penguin at the Aquarium’s annual fundraising event, Sea Fare. They named him Anderson in honor of Karen Anderson, the Aquarium’s senior bird biologist who has been caring for the chick. His trainers say this young penguin is developing a more independent personality. But while he thinks he is brave, when an adult penguin bothers him, he comes right to his trainers for help. Like his sister, his favorite food is herring fed to him directly by his trainer. We look forward to watching Anderson grow up.

Hometown Long Beach, CA
ID Tag white/black/purple
Nametag white and black