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June Keyes Penguin Habitat


See penguins from around the world in action

Visitors to the Aquarium can to learn more about penguins through educational programming, including a short film showing in the Ocean Theater and a light and sound show projected in the Great Hall. Check daily schedules for show times.

The Wonderful World of Penguins
The Wonderful World of Penguins | Aquarium of the Pacific

Ocean Theater Penguin Film

In The Wonderful World of Penguins, get an in-depth look at the characteristics and behaviors that make penguins unique, from their speed and grace in the water to the ways they travel over land. Find out how they rear their young and the challenges they face in the wild. Learn about threats to their habitats and what we can do to help penguins.
Chinstrap penguins W. Trivelpiece
Chinstrap Penguins | Wayne Trivelpiece

Great Hall Penguin Show

This show combines lights, sound, and video projection to immerse viewers in the world of penguins. See where penguins live around the globe, and see them in action as they swim, raise their chicks, and make their homes.