Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific

Watershed Resources

Trips, Activities, References & Resources

Recreational Activities and Field Trips

  • Aquarium of the Pacific – Guest Support Center (562) 951-1630
    Offers hands-on classroom programs for K-12th grade, and public programs for children and adults
  • Crystal Cove State Park – Winter Bonnin (949) 497-7647
    Offers many interpretive programs for visiting school groups including “Tidepools” and “Marine Debris and Recycling”
  • Little Corona Marine Life Refuge – (949) 644-3038
    $35 for guided hour and a half class with interpreter
  • Marine Mammal Care Center – Marc Bruvry/Education Dept. (415)289-7330
    Offers a 1hr. tour for groups of 35, as well as outreach programs for all ages
  • Santa Monica Pier Aquarium – Vicki Wawerchak (310)393-6149
    Offers a free “Key to the Sea” hands-on program for teachers and students
  • The SEA Laboratory – Maria Madrigal (310)318-7438
    $2 per student for a 3hr. hands-on program for K-12 grade including beach exploration and touch tank tour
  • Upper Newport Bay Friends and Naturalists – (949)640-6746
    Offers free hands-on tours and programs, but donations are requested

Watershed Websites and References


Water and Watershed Education

Conservation at Home

Native Landscaping


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  • Sun Valley Watershed Project. 2002. Watershed Explorers Teacher’s Guide. Beverly Hills, CA: Tree People.