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Earth's Final Frontier

Ocean Exploration

Experts estimate that as much as 95 percent of the volume of the World Ocean and 99 percent of its seafloor remain unexplored.

Humans have only just begun to scratch the surface of our planet’s vast ocean. Be an explorer at the Aquarium, and learn about the history of ocean exploration, current missions, new discoveries, and challenges and opportunities for the future. Animals, exhibits, educational displays, films, an art exhibit, a festival, and an ocean explorer guest speaker series are all part of our Ocean Exploration programs. The highlight is the Wonders of the Deep exhibit that features the unusual and unique animals that live in the deep sea beyond the reach of light.

Ocean Exploration

Wonders of the Deep

Wonders of the Deep buttonLink

Immerse yourself in our special exhibit, Wonders of the Deep.

Visitors can see how mysterious sea creatures live beyond the reach of light and discover the unusual and intricate ecosystems that have evolved within the deep ocean.

Ocean Exploration Events

Ocean Exploration Events buttonLink

Dive deeper with guest lectures and other special events.

Learn more about ocean exploration from renowned modern-day explorers in our Guest Speaker Series. Additional events for the whole family are scheduled throughout the year.

Ocean Exploration Timeline

Ocean Exploration Timeline buttonLink

When was the first manned submersible launched? When was the deepest place in the ocean discovered?

Learn about the history of ocean exploration with this timeline, which includes selected notable events and discoveries.

Ocean Exploration Hub

Ocean Exploration Hub buttonLink

See live video feeds from deep-sea explorations on a flatscreen array in our Tropical Pacific Gallery and Ocean Theater.

Hear the latest about exploration and discovery from ocean explorers and researchers at sea.

Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit buttonLink

The Oceanauts: Living the Dream of the Sea

This exhibit includes portraits of notable ocean explorers throughout history, including both historic and modern-day explorers.

Ocean Exploration Films

Ocean Exploration Films buttonLink

Experience shows playing daily throughout the Aquarium.

Shows include films projected in the Great Hall, on Science on a Sphere® in the Ocean Science Center, and in the Ocean Theater.

Explorer App

Explorer App buttonLink

Embark on your own mission of discovery by downloading the Aquarium’s Explorer App.

Become an explorer and embark on missions to discover and learn more about the Aquarium’s animals, as well as the animals and habitats of the deep ocean.


Animals buttonLink

Learn more about the marine life highlighted throughout the Aquarium of the Pacific.

These animals are featured in connection with the new Ocean Exploration exhibits and programs.