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Learn about the largest predator of all time

Monsters of the Deep

Travel millions of years back in time to learn about giant creatures that once inhabited the ocean.

A new 4D film at the Aquarium travels back millions of years to explore the deep ocean and showcase some of the most dangerous and majestic animals to ever have lived on Earth.

The ocean is home to some of Earth’s most venomous animals and remarkable predators, from the box jellyfish to the great white shark. But these creatures are not necessarily the most awe-inspiring to have inhabited our ocean. Viewers will learn about the largest predator of all time, the Liopleurodon, which lived 155 million years ago, and the largest turtle to have ever lived, the Archelon.

Monsters of the Deep plays daily in the Aquarium’s Ocean Theater. Tickets can be purchased at the kiosk in the Great Hall.

Cost for the film is $4.00 each for guests of all ages. Seating is limited. Tickets can be purchased in advance at any Aquarium ticket window, by calling (562) 590-3100 or by ordering online. Tickets are also available at the ticket booth in the Great Hall in front of the Ocean Theater. Recommended for children seven and older.