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Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm

Save the White Abalone: Aquarium of the Pacific’s Conservation Efforts

Early Closure on June 17

Summer Happy Hour on the Veranda

The Coming: Native-White Relations in the American West

Musique Sur La Mer

The Creative Spark: Imagination and Collaboration in Human Evolution

Climate Change, the Sierra Nevada, and Our Water Future

Bringing Deep Ocean Animals to the Surface

Why Don’t Frogs Poison Themselves?

The Well-Tuned Brain

Reporting from the Front Line: Where Science Meets Government

SAVE THE FROGS! Translating Science Into Action

The Department of Defense and Wildlife Management: A Tale of Two Missions

State of the California South Coast: Findings from Baseline Monitoring of Marine Protected Areas

Other Minds and the Evolution of Consciousness

Hollywood Amphibians: A Movie Star’s Life

Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

Will Farmed Fish Save Our Oceans, Delight Our Palates, and Provide Healthy Food for All?

Might As Well Go Surfing: Biomass Utilization in a World with Oil at $50 a Barrel

Live Music: Long Beach Chorale

Planning and Incentivizing Native Olympia Oyster Restoration in Southern California

Concert: For the Love of Our Oceans

Pacific Visions Groundbreaking Ceremony

Fall 2017

Aquatic Academy

Splash and Bubbles Day

The Well-Tempered City

The Physics of Mudskippers and Other Land Locomotors

Power Meets Water: The Nexus of Water and Energy in California

Tiny Porpoise, Big Mess: Perspectives on Vaquita Conservation

Wetlands in a Time of Change

Climate Change and Ecosystems of the Gulf of Maine: What Does the Future Hold?

Sad Serendipity: Shipwrecks On and Around the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Wild Orcas: A Summer in the San Juan Islands

Seafood: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Restoring Coral Reefs in Guam: A Conservation Success Story

Can We Continue to Live at the Edge of the Sea?

The Early Los Angeles River Watershed Through Fiction and Photographs

What Big Teeth You Have: Diving with Great White Sharks

New Year’s Eve Presented by Night Dive

Breakfast with Santa

Acuario Cierra Temprano


Aquatots: 123… Countin’ in the Sea

Family Member Preview Night

Adult Member Preview Night

Member Appreciation Night

Twenty-Five Myths That Are Destroying the Environment

Adventures in Social Marketing: Appealing to the Better Angels of our Nature

Climate Change Messaging That Works: A Psychological Approach


Film Screening: Les Saisons

Karl Strauss Beer Dinner

Sea Horse Spectacular Film | LIVE 9/6/16

Why Environmentalists Will Save Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Member Appreciation Otter Night

Military Day

Crucero al Océano Urbano

Desayuno con Mascotas (Character Breakfast)

Voices on the Veranda (Voces en la Veranda)

The Future of Food: Second Course with Dock to Dish

The Future of Food: Second Course with L.A. Kitchen and Homeboy Industries

The Future of Food: Second Course with ONX Winery

YMCA Late Night

Lagunitas Beer Dinner

Save the Vaquita Day

The Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Nature Works, and Why It Matters

DDT Wars: The 1972 DDT Ban and its Benefits

Hugs and Drugs from Sea Slugs

Música Celebrando el Océano con el Coro de Long Beach

Día del Océano Mundial

Ocean Desalination Reconsidered

The Story of Seahorses: From Myth to Reality

Teen Science Cafe

Georgia’s Atlantic Gray Whales

The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel: Findings, Recommendations, and Actions

Secrets of Seahorses

Journey Through the Everglades

Swimming in the Age of Fishes: Art, Imagination, and the Unknowable

A Marine Biologist’s Quest to Keep the Pacific Wild

Into the Black

Local Legends: Movement Biology of the Leopard Shark off La Jolla, California

Tillandsia Air Plants: Low-Water Plants for the 21st Century

Taming Dragons: Unexpected Insights into the Biology, Behavior, and Diversity of Seadragons

California Caviar: The History of White Sturgeon Aquaculture

The Sea Otter Survival Story

Harmful Algal Blooms: Too Much of a Good Thing

Does Climate Change Put Ocean Life in a Blender?

Seawater Desalination: Fact vs. Fiction


Adult Member Trivia Night

Member Summer Aqua-lympics Party

Live Webcast: Special Announcement

Status of White and Pinto Abalone in Southern California

AAA Member Night

Orquestra del Océano (Ocean’s Orchestra)

Benziger Wine Dinner

History at our Doorstep: Images of California Submerged Shipwrecks

Exploring Blue Carbon in Southern California Salt Marshes

Sonic Sea: Film Screening

The Storm of Creativity

Bioluminescence and Illuminating Disease

Marine Pollution