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Harnessing Science in Service of a Thriving Democracy

Sea Jellies

Green Chemistry in the Water Quality Laboratory

Resilience of Coastal Cities to Environmental Threats: The New Frontier

The Sixth Extinction of the Ocean

Planetary Oceans: Exploring Earth’s Seas Before We Sail Through Europa’s Seawater Plumes

Using Robots and Drones to Track Sharks

Festival Internacional de Niños

Beer Dinner

Da Ukulele Boyz

Mayor Robert Garcia and the Aquarium of the Pacific present:

Abilities Night

Family Member Pajama Party

St. Patrick’s Day

Interactive Live Event

Live Webcast: Fukushima and its Impacts

Teacher Appreciation Month

The Story of Keiko

Voyage of the Beagle

Mapping and GIS for a Better Future

Otter Bowl

Otter Bowl I

Spongebob Visits the Aquarium

Pacific Circle Member Appreciation Morning

Interactive Live Event

Live Webcast: New Port Regulations

Extinct in the Wild: Partnering to Save the Guam Kingfisher

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Rockfish

Underwater Photos

Natural History of Sea Slugs

Local History

Up Around the Bend

California’s Drought: Are We In or Out?

Dodging Extinction: Power, Food, Money, and the Future of Life on Earth

Reproduction at the Aquarium: The Husbandry Department Tells All

Member Prom

Evening Classes for Adults

Aquatic Academy | The Case for Ocean Exploration

Desserts With Santa

Saving California’s Coast (One Local Coastal Program at a Time)

Antarctic Penguins

Fukushima and its Impacts

The Aquarium’s Diving Program

California Coast from the Air: Images of a Changing Landscape

The Shark Whisperer

Data are Everywhere: Understanding Our Planet Through Exploration and Observation

The United States Weather and Climate Enterprise

The Horseshoe Crab: National and International Perspectives

Live Webcast: El Niño Predictions

Live Webcast

Coastal Conversations: Increasing Community Resilience

Member Sunday Funday

The Future of Food: Michael Cimarusti

The Future of Food: David “Mas” Masumoto

The Future of Food: Anya Fernald

The Future of Food: Paul Greenberg

Live Webcast: Extreme Weather

Coastal Conversations

The Role of Design and Design Thinking in Sustainability and Ocean Conservation

Medicines from the Sea

Green Screen: How Trees Made California Modern

Project SECORE and Guam’s Threatened Coral Reefs

Looking for Life in Oceans on Earth and in Space

Center Theater, Long Beach

Dr. Keeling’s Curve

Activities and Videochat with Deep-Sea Scientists

First Responders Day

Art and Science of Ocean Conservation

Raquel Rodriguez

Holiday Party

Pacific Circle Member Flashlight Tour


Kiki Ebsen (Unplugged)


The Replicas


The Dustbowl Revival


Scott Martin


Hot August Nights featuring GRB

Music on the Rooftop Veranda

Mike Dena

Connecting Downtown to the Waterfront

Faces of the Tsunami

Coastal Conversations: Environmental Ethics

Power of Women in Marine Science: Ocean GEMS

The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World

Rigs to Reefs

The Lovely Life of the Monarch Butterfly

Member Summer Picnic

Kelp Watch 2014

The Shark Riddle

Coastal Conversations

Coastal Conversations: Medicines From the Sea

World Fish Migration Day

New Member Night

Member Preview Night

Coastal Conversations

Coastal Conversations: Conservation in the Anthropocene

Glowing Aliens: Diversity and Bioluminescence of Deep-Sea Jellies and Other Unusual Organisms

Yosemite’s Unsung Heroine

Oarfish and Parasites: The Real Sea Monsters

Seafood Documentary Screening and Reaction Panel

Molina Healthcare presents

Aquarium of the Pacific 5K Run/Walk

Coastal Conversations

Coastal Conversations: Why Aren’t They Listening?

Marine Career Exploration Academy

Panel discussion

Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness

Arts at the Aquarium

Voices on the Veranda

Images of the Grand Canyon in 2014 and Environment Impacts in the Last Sixty Years

ProTECTOR: Saving Turtles, Helping People

Bizarre Sea Creatures of the Tropical Pacific

The World’s Biggest Volcano is Hiding Beneath the Sea: How We Discovered It and Why It Matters

The Extreme Life of the Sea

Can New Environmentalism Save the World from Itself? Strange Bedfellows and a “Big Tent”

Taking On the Five Horsemen: Drought, Malnutrition, Obesity, Poverty, and Pesticide Pollution

The Steelhead Story