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Tafesilafa’i Festival

The Tafesilafa’i Festival celebrates the art, food and culture of California’s Pacific Islander communities. This year’s theme, “Lou Tuaoi: Love Your Neighbor,” affirms the existence of boundaries between people that must be transcended to bring people together. Festival activities over the course of three days will encourage attendees to examine relationships and recognize boundaries, and invite them to bridge those divides to get to their neighbors. Many events will be in the evening so attendees are encouraged to bring a sweater or jacket. For more information, visit www.tafesilafai.org.

Admission to the festival on the Aquarium’s front lawn is free. Aquarium admission is not included.

Tafesilafa’i Festival
Event Information

Tickets This is a FREE event and RSVP is not required.
Info www.tafesilafai.org