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Steinbeck’s Western Flyer: A Tale of Renewal

Based on the recommendations of the State and County of Los Angeles, we will be canceling this event at this time.

John Gregg aboard Western Flyer - popup
Speaker John Gregg stands inside the Western Flyer, currently undergoing restoration.

John Gregg

John Gregg will discuss The Western Flyer Project, in which a fishing boat built in 1937 will be restored and used to educate students using a holistic approach that incorporates environmental science and the humanities. The Western Flyer was chartered by writer John Steinbeck and his friend marine biologist Edward Ricketts for an expedition to the Gulf of California in 1940. Steinbeck’s resulting book, Sea of Cortez, was published in 1941. Once seaworthy, the restored vessel will recreate the 1940 trip, accompanied by scientists and supporters, conducting educational outreach in communities along the way. Gregg is the founder and director of the Western Flyer Foundation.