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Nemo’s Garden

Luca & Sergio Gamberini

Sergio and Luca Gamberini, a father-son team and owners of SCUBA gear company Ocean Reef Group, have developed Nemo’s Garden, a method for growing plants underwater in a biosphere. This could potentially introduce new areas for sustainable agricultural cultivation using minimal energy and protecting crops from pests and harsh weather. They currently operate five biospheres growing plants like basil and arugula off the coast of Savona, Italy. In their lecture they will explain the science behind Nemo’s Garden and what it could mean for the future of sustainable agriculture.

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This speaking engagement will be streamed live via the web. It is free to view. Times posted are in Pacific Time. Please note that if you tune in early, you may see either a placeholder image or another scheduled guest speaker engagement.


Nemo’s Garden
Event Information
When Thursday, Oct 26, 2017 | 7:00 PM–8:30 PM
Cost $5 for public; FREE for Aquarium members, seniors age 62 and up, teachers, and students with valid ID and advanced reservations.
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