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Marine Career Exploration Academy

This intensive summer program is tailored to high school students considering a major in marine biology or environmental science at the university level. Limited to just five participants, this day camp will include special opportunities to learn about careers in the field of marine biology and animal care. Students will work directly with Aquarium staff to engage in real-world science activities.

  • Get an overview of the Aquarium. Learn about careers in marine biology, tour the Aquarium, and learn about the different departments, including life support and veterinary care. Learn about where our animals come from and help Aquarium staff collect animals for display within the Aquarium.
  • Learn about the Aquarium’s fish and invertebrate animal collection and how we care for these animals. Shadow aquarists as they prepare food for our animals. Help feed sharks and a Giant Pacific Octopus. Learn about plankton and its key role in the marine food web. Visit the Aquarium’s live food lab and participate in feedings.
  • Take a trip to Catalina Island. Meet scientists at USC’s Wrigley Marine Science Center on the island, and tour the hyperbaric chamber. Snorkel in the island’s Marine Protected Area.
  • Learn about how we care for the Aquarium’s marine mammals, including sea otters, seals, and sea lions. Help prepare food and participate in training sessions with these animals. Go on a whale watching trip off the coast of Long Beach to view marine mammals in the wild.
  • Learn about caring for the Aquarium’s birds, including lorikeets, puffins, and penguins. Learn about the Aquarium’s role in animal conservation through a study of the Guam Kingfisher’s Species Survival Plan. Discover careers as a SCUBA diver. Put on a wetsuit and snorkel in the Aquarium’s 350,000 gallon Tropical Reef habitat.

The schedule of activities is subject to change, based on coordination with outside agencies.

Marine Career Exploration Academy
Participate in animal training and feeding sessions with Aquarium staff members.
Event Information
When August 3-7, 2015 | 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Cost $2,000 for the five-day program.
Tickets Please call to RSVP.
Ages High school students, ages 14 to 18
(562) 590-3100 ext. 0