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Junior Biologist: Marine Mammals

Learn the characteristics of mammals and find out what makes marine mammals so special.

Do you know a budding marine biologist? The Junior Biologist series of programs at the Aquarium will encourage a love of science in your seven- to twelve-year-old child.

Each 2-hour class includes theme related activities, guided gallery tour, interaction with our animal care staff behind-the-scenes, and a keepsake journal.

Marine Mammals:

From layers of blubber to filter feeding baleen we will explore the amazing adaptations marine mammals use to survive in the ocean. During this 2-hour program your seven- to twelve-year-old child will:

  • Touch animals in our private classroom touch pools
  • Review the characteristics of mammals
  • Feed sea otters behind-the-scenes with our animal care staff*
  • Take a guided tour of the Northern Pacific gallery and observe the sea otters
  • Record observations in a keepsake journal

Other activities may include:

  • Test the insulating properties of blubber against other materials
  • Play a game illustrating the migration patterns of whales
  • Discern between whales of the same species by looking for subtle differences in their fin shape, just like researchers in the field would

*The Aquarium reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.

Otter with paws together
Event Information
When Thu, November 15, 2018 00:00:00 Saturday, Nov 24, 2018 | 9:30 AM–11:30 AM
Cost $29.00 per child
$25.00 for members
Aquarium admission not included
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Members, please call to purchase your discounted tickets.
Please call to RSVP.
Ages 7-12 years old
RSVP (562) 590-3100. Pre-registration and pre-payment required on all experiences unless noted. Cancellations made 72 hours before the program will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before a program will still be charged the full program price.

Any child requiring the use of an EpiPen must have a completed FAAECP signed by their doctor in order to participate in Aquarium programming.