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Junior Biologist: Invertebrates

March 14, 2020: Based on the recommendations of the State and County of Los Angeles, we will be canceling this event at this time.

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From inking octopuses to sea star stomachs!

Do you know a budding marine biologist? The Junior Biologist series of programs at the Aquarium will encourage a love of science in your seven- to twelve-year-old child.

Each 2-hour class includes theme related activities, guided gallery tour, interaction with our animal care staff behind-the-scenes, and a keepsake journal.


They may be spineless, but they are mighty in numbers! Discover the startling survival techniques of these simple creatures. During this 2-hour program your seven- to twelve-year-old child will:

  • Touch invertebrates in our private classroom touch pools
  • Learn about several different groups of invertebrates
  • Take a guided tour of the Northern and Tropical galleries to find invertebrates on a scavenger hunt
  • Feed invertebrates in our private classroom touch pools*
  • Record observations in a keepsake journal

Other activities may include:

  • As a group, create the ultimate invertebrate
  • Use their sense of touch to identify invertebrates in a guessing game

*The Aquarium reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.